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Year 4

Year 4 - Watch the video to find out about Year 4 at Hucknall National Primary School.

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   Year 4



Welcome to Year 4,  the home of Merlin and Kestrel classes!


We always have lots going on in school and this page aims to give you an insight of what we will be getting up to.


Our P.E days this year are on Mondays. Please send your children to school  dressed in their P.E kits with ear piercings and jewellery removed.


If you have any questions, please contact us through Dojo and we will be happy to help.


Miss Dabell, Mr Dutton, Mrs Hunt, MIss Jacques.

Mornings and Afternoons.


Please line up next to your classes signpost on the large playground in the morning where you will be met by the class teacher. At home time, we will walk our classes to the same location.

Spring Term Guide: Exploring Pompeii's Destruction

Welcome to the Spring Term, Year 4! This term, we will embark on an exciting journey through history, geography, English, design technology, science, and religious education. Our main focus will be on the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius and its impact on the ancient city of Pompeii.

English: We will immerse ourselves in the world of Pompeii through Christina Balit's gripping tale, "Escape from Pompeii." We will use this book as inspiration to write vivid accounts of the destruction, putting ourselves in the shoes of eyewitnesses. Additionally, we will channel our creativity by crafting diary entries from the perspective of a child living through the eruption.

History: Pompeii serves as a window into Ancient Roman life, and we will delve deep into its significance. Through Pliny the Younger's letters, we will gain insight into the events of the eruption and the lives of Pompeiians. We'll explore topics such as daily life, architecture, and social structure, painting a rich picture of this ancient civilization.

Geography: Our focus will shift to understanding volcanoes: their locations, dangers, and significance. We'll explore the world searching for many volcanoes, including Vesuvius. Through maps and discussions, we'll grasp the geographical factors that contribute to volcanic activity and the impact on surrounding communities.

Design Technology: In design technology, we'll put our creativity to work by designing rescue food packages for the survivors of the Pompeii eruption. We'll consider nutritional needs, packaging materials, and transportation logistics, applying our knowledge to create practical solutions for those in need.

Science: Our science lessons will centre on States of Matter. We'll explore how different materials behave under various conditions, connecting our understanding to the volcanic processes that led to the destruction of Pompeii.

Religious Education: As we approach Easter, we'll delve into the central story of Christianity: the Easter Story. We'll reflect on its significance to Christians and explore its themes of sacrifice, redemption, and hope.

Art: We will be using the Roman talent for sculpture to create clay tiles to explore the mosaics and ceramics of the Roman age.


Get ready for an exciting and immersive term as we uncover the mysteries of Pompeii's destruction and the resilience of its people. Let's embark on this journey together, eager to learn, explore, and create!

Year 4 Homework


Homework will be in two main forms.  The first will be the ongoing set of regular tasks:

  • Nightly reading followed by quizzing books, when completed, through Accelerated Reader.
  • Times Table Rock Stars.  This is best approached with shorter sessions multiple times a week to achieve the easier and most effective progress. The children will need to get 50 correct questions a week on TT Rockstars to maintain progress towards the official test to be taken in the Summer Term. 
  • Spelling Practice through Spelling Shed.  The children will be monitored through the website and in their outcomes in the regular spelling tests.  The work will be differentiated for children working at different levels.

The second will be occasional homework tasks to back up and assist class work that will be posted through Class Dojo and sent out on paper when appropriate.

We will also issue tasks related to the half terms RE themes that the children can produce Art and other work to express their understanding of these themes thorugh the year.

Please get in touch if your child will have difficulty accessing the different homework activities.


Useful Documents and Links


Spelling Shed

This is the page that will give the children access to the spelling activities for the week and allow them to practice their spellings for the tests.

Accelerated Reading

The children are intended to read most nights of the week from a book in their assigned range.  They are also encouraged to read from a book of their own choice for pleasure.  This book can be at any level but we would suggest it should only take up to three weeks to complete.  This will help the child to better retain the meaning of the book.

The children should be aiming to complete two to three quizzes a week if they are reading simpler books below 3.5, through to weekly quizzes for books up to 5.5. With longer books being quizzed at a rate of once a fortnight for longer or more complex books (Level 5.5 and above).

The children can read books from any source: school, home or libraries.  But the children should always have a book that is in their range to read as a priority.

Times Table Rockstars

TT Rockstars

This is the practice site for Times Table Practice.

Internet Safety


We will teach the children about being safe online every half term. Please help us with this by being mindful of children's internet access at home..

Volcano Language Sources

Click the links below to go to the different videos

Work in pairs to play and pause the videos to locate and capture language that you might use in your writing.

Aim to take words from the narration and also from the images and put them into your paired notes.

Once you have found a range of language, use the given link below to go to to then extend your language and find further words that might be even more powerful.

Happy Hunting!!

Video One

Video Two

Video Three (Hint: 2:15 is a WOW)