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Remote Education Survey

In January 2021, we surveyed our parents to ask them their opinion on the fantastic provision of remote education at our school. Overwhelmingly, parents were supportive and very happy with the outstanding provision for their children being taught remotely at home. Attached below are the results of the survey and parents comments praising the provision in place at Hucknall National C of E Primary School.


Individual comments from parents:

"I think the support in relation to remote learning is very good. As a parent working from home it helps that there is a teaching structure in place. This ensures I can also focus on my work better."

"The school is doing and outstanding job during these difficult times and both my children and myself thank them for the hard work and dedication that shows."

"Really appreciate all the work that Miss Rouault and the other Y1 staff have put into making sure our children are supported and can access as much of their normal curriculum as possible during this very strange time! Miss R goes above and beyond for the children, often putting on lots of extra fun tasks which my child LOVES and so do I. I feel really well equipped to help her with her home learning, even though I'm still working full time at home. I really don't think there's anything else she could be doing, I'm still trying to work out at what point she actually sleeps! Thank you to everyone involved."

"Provisions put in place for remote learning is excellent. Zoom is fantastic and enables the children to feel part of the class."

"The year 1 team have been absolutely fantastic. They provide daily zoom lessons for phonics and maths (without which I would find teaching the maths really difficult.) they provide learning according to ability. They have also been fantastic at engaging with the year group, providing fun activities and challenges and are always so creative. My daughter enjoys zooming in and being able to see her classmates and teachers. Thank you for the massive effort that you all always put in!"

"I would like to thank all the teachers for the work they are doing and the support we receive my day is structured thanks to them. It creates a home filled with learning but structured learning so I am extremely grateful to you all. THANKYOU 😍"

"All the teachers are doing a fantastic job both remotely and in person during the national lockdown. My children continue to remain happy with all work provided."

"I think the teachers are coping very well with the curriculum. And this gives the children confidence ... Well done Hucknall National Primary."

"I think the school are doing the best they can .There is extra support given for when pupils are struggling such as extra maths lessons which is invaluable as a parent. The work set out is very clear and now that the school are offering school packs to pick up on fridays that really does help as finding and printing off work was really time consuming. Thank you National doing a great job!"

"All staff have been amazing!! Always on handed if needed, well done National."

"National primary has been brilliant all the way through this terrible situation we have been in since last March. I would like to thank the Head teacher Miss Barratt, Miss Mcgregor my sons teacher and all the staff for keeping our children safe you have all been amazing!"

"The school and teachers are doing a fantastic job."

"The school are doing absolutely amazing under the circumstances thank you to all the amazing staff keep up the good work and stay safe."

"I am so pleased with how quickly remote learning was in place and how it has continued to develop week on week. The teachers have done amaxing job getting to grips with new technologies and new ways of delivering lessons. Yr 6....AMAZING!!! Yr3...improves week on week and staff are brilliant at adding encouraging feedback when marking and returning the work. A huge thank you and well done to everyone at National, its a team effort and you have risen to the challenge brilliantly. Other schools should look at you as a model of how remote learning can be effectively delivered."

"Thank you as always to the whole team at Hucknall National! Your hard work and dedication is not unnoticed. The paper packs collection has worked well this week for home learning. Good quality english zoom lessons provided for year 2 and story time in the afternoon works well our daughter feels still part of the class and enjoys seeing the other children and engages well. All work handed in acknowledged with a private reply. The biggest virtual thanks to the year 2 team you go above and beyond and we are very lucky to have you all!"

"Keep up the good work! The Zoom lessons work well and are very much needed!"

"The Early year teachers are doing an excellent job in supporting me with my child’s home learning."

"Cannot thank the staff enough for their hard work with the remote learning. It has been a lovely opportunity to spend time with J and supporting him with his school work with the leadership of the teachers."

"Excellent both educationally and pastorally."

"You're doing amazing, thanks for sending over all the work and ideas to keep the children entertained."

"I think you've done remarkably well to have these contingencies in place. It has been hard home schooling while working but we are learning as we go along as well. Overall though very impressed. Thanks."

"I feel all the staff have gone above and beyond in lockdown to ensure the children who are being home schooled have the same teaching standards to those children in school, it’s a difficult time for everyone but I can’t fault how quickly the staff have adapted to providing home schooling."

"I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of the home learning and the speed at which it was implemented."

"The remote education at Hucknall National Primary School is amazing. The teachers work so hard and are always so helpful with queries parents have. Parents are always kept well informed by teachers and the head teacher."

"The teachers have been amazing. Trying to entertain whilst teaching. Been quite a joy to see how home learning and schooling can interact."

"I feel the school are doing an amazing job in such challenging circumstances. The y4 teachers are doing so well to plan, deliver and mark students work so quickly. My child is thoroughly enjoying the curriculum offer and maintaining high levels of engagement. Thank you everyone!"

"Brilliant provison year 6 set up well thar my child can access herself whilst I am also working. English, spag guided reading and story all live which is brilliant. Teachers doing a great job ! Year 2 also good. Two zooms a day for English, and story really help pupils to focus . They love story time."

"My children are both in school due to us being essential workers, however, there have been times when they have been remote learning due to bubble closures and the provision during these times has been excellent. Thank you."

"Staff have been brilliant in getting everything up and running and maintaining stanards. This includes getting in touch if there are signs of struggling. Couldn't ask for more. Well done all !"

"Teachers are amazing and I am very thankful for all their efforts."

"The online classes are brilliant. Cannot fault the teachers for the effort put in to these. The support is amazing too."

"The home learning set up by the year 1 team is absolutely outstanding, we wouldn’t expect anything less for School!! There is always a member of staff on hand to answer questions! My child currently attends school but absolutely loved the remote learning when we had to self isolate before xmas!!"

"My son has got into a brilliant routine with home learning, although he misses school and his teachers and friends, his remote learning enables him to feel like he is at school, the staff have been absolutely fantastic."

"You are all doing amazing, and i can not thank you enough!"

"During this difficult time, I feel I have been really supported, phone calls to check we are doing ok plus excellent learning from teachers, I would really love a few more zooms for year 5 English and maths but I know it must be difficult to fit things in around being in the classsroom too, Mr Dutton has been very encouraging and supportive when marking work and year 1 I have to say are fabulous, lots of learning and activities and the zooms are fantastic, and I have to give miss Rouault a special mention, she goes above and beyond in everything she does. We look forward to her zooms and messages, she makes us smile. Thankyou Hucknall National."

"Remote learning is not ideal but school is doing an excellent job to support us all at home so thank you to all involved."

"In these difficult circumstances for all of us, the school system is set up perfectly. Huge Thank you all for the hard work and the enormous effort put into it."

"I think the provision has been excellent, especially now my son takes part in a zoom call every morning. It puts him (and me) in the right frame of mind for home learning."

"Hucknall National Primary School have absolutely gone above & beyond to help the children both educationally and emotionally during this pandemic. After Lockdown 3 was announced on the first evening of the Spring Term, pupils were offered learning from home the very next day and were invited to register their attendance on day 3 of that term (6.1.21). Teachers are teaching live lessons and both year-group teachers (from my experience, year 3 & year 6) are working as a team, one from the class in school with key-worker children and one online during live-lessons, and providing individual feedback on work handed-in electronically. I am very impressed and thankful for all Hucknall National primary school are doing for the children."

"Picking up the packs on a Friday has really helped and saved us on time and money so thank you for that. My daughter is being looked after by her grandparents as that’s our childcare bubble as I’m still working. When I go to pick her up she likes to show me all of her work. Yesterday she went through everything and I was shocked how much work she’s done there were loads. She’s proudly put it all in a folder. Mr Dutton has been fantastic and is always providing feed back with help, support or just acknowledging her work when it’s been complete and sent in."​​​​​​​

"The school is doing a fantastic job in the current situation. The teachers are working hard and always on hand to help and are quick to respond to any queries. I think the work sent is sufficient and spot on for D's age group and more than enough for him to cope with. Huge thanks to Miss Roualt who always makes lessons fun and does a great job keeping the children engaged."

"The work that has been sent out has been excellent and is easy to follow for parents to give support. Having a remote lesson a day has been really nice and G has really enjoyed the story time at the end of the day. Feedback is usually given promptly and G loves hearing what her teacher has to say. If I have needed to contact the teacher for any reason I have always had a quick response on dojo. Thank you for doing such an amazing job and for all the support you have been giving us."






92 parents responded to this survey within two weeks.