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Hucknall National C of E Primary School - "Life in all its fullness" (John 10:10) ***If you are looking at applying for a place at Hucknall National for your child to start in 2024, please look at our Admissions page that can be found under the Key Information tab. -------------------------------- If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact our Headteacher, Sarah Barratt, or our Child and Family Support Worker, Jane Brown -------- Ofsted rating: GOOD --------------
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Hucknall National

CofE Primary School

Growing together in learning, love and faith


At Hucknall National C of E Primary School, everything we do is rooted in our six core values.

This is linked to our curriculum and collective worship.


Our school motto is "Growing together in learning, love and faith." This guides us in what we are doing here and our daily purpose within our community.


Our Christian ethos is rooted in a theological vision of, "Life in all its fullness." (John 10:10), that enables all pupils and adults to flourish. This is why we are here to enable every member of our community and beyond to flourish.


There are four reasons that we strive to live 'life in all its fullness', through 'growing together in learning. love and faith.'

1. This is rooted in the very foundations and heritage of our school. The very first recorded school in Hucknall was in 1649 in the church porch at St Mary Magdalene's church. This school was established for the poor and to provide some equality of schooling for all young people. In 1854, the school became part of the National Society, which is a charity to support all young people to receive an education. We are the only school in the country to have education supported by the National Society for 4 to 18 year olds. 

2. Fast forward 400 years, and our vision and values remain the same as our ancestors. We aim to deliver an equal and just education, opportunities and experiences for every single pupil to enable all our young people to 'live life in all its fullness'. The provision for pupils at National Primary School is inclusive and aims to meet the needs of everyone and their families, regardless of their social and economic background.

3. We have an understanding that there is a divide between education and opportunities in the north and south of the United Kingdom. We believe that all young people should be offered the same education and opportunities to 'live life in all its fullness' regardless of their post code. 

4. We follow the teachings of the Bible in guiding us to provide a just and equal community for everyone in our locality and beyond. Jesus took a stand against injustice and spoke up for the marginalised members of society to enable all people to flourish. We follow this guidance in making a stand against injustice and enabling every member of our community to 'live life in all its fulness'. 


This is reflected in all aspects of school life and in our curriculum. Our Christian curriculum offer is delivered through a quadrant, comprising of Christian distinctiveness, academic study, wellbeing provision and enrichment and entitlement. 


Our Christian vision and ethos is based upon the context, needs and heritage of our school. We have been very mindful to consider the whole community when establishing our Christian vision, whilst being careful to include the history of our school and locality. In Hucknall, we serve a very diverse community, both socially and economically. Our aim is to provide as many equal opportunities and experiences for all of our pupils to enable them to "live life in all its fullness" and to raise their aspirations. We believe every child should be entitled to exactly the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their circumstances, and therefore we work really hard to follow in the teachings of Jesus to ensure everyone is equal and has access to the same possibilities. Our task is to help them find what they enjoy or what makes them unique as children of God, which will enable them to flourish throughout their life. Supporting our pupils to flourish is equally applicable to our staff and families, who we also work with in partnership to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential and flourish in their own lives. 


Our school motto of, "Growing together in learning, love and faith," is one that has been established at Hucknall National C of E Primary School for a long time. It reflects the long-standing and well-respected history and reputation of the school within the local community and beyond. A recognition that our children are growing is an understanding that they are learning in so many different ways in a safe and nurturing environment. Faith is the central part of our school that holds and unifies us all together. Love is the value that is central to all that we do so that everyone is treated with respect and dignity at all times. We have a strong belief that treating each other with love and kindness enables everyone to flourish and perform to their very best. Within this ethos, people are allowed to make mistakes and are supported to grow in their gifts and talents to enable them to "live life in all its fullness."


Further links can be found here to demonstrate how we live out our Christian vision in school, or come for a visit to see our vision and values in action.

This is based upon the Church of England vision for Education.

Vision for education | The Church of England

At Hucknall National C of E Primary School we aspire to cultivate the gifts and talents of every child and equip them with the wisdom, hope, sense of community and dignity to live life in all its fullness. We are growing together in learning, love and faith.


At Hucknall National we have 6 values –

Thankfulness, Respect, Forgiveness, Hope, Trust and Love. 


Each term we visit a value each half term for a week.  On the final week of the half term we focus on Love, which incorporates all our values.  Each value has an Old and New Testament reading – these are the focus for our worship.  Our Worship Leaders decided upon the symbol for each Value and wrote a prayer, which is used for the week of the value.